You Do Not Need a Website For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing without website; Website is not mandatory

Yes you heard it write. To do affiliate marketing this is not necessary that someone has to be have website of their own.

If anyone is bit lazy!!! (no offence please) or not likely to set up own website or do not want to invest the money it needs to set up a website of her/his own still okay to promote others product and earn money.

Promoting something means bringing it forward. Targeting the right audience is what it needs. This is not necessary that it has to be via some else’s personal website.

Thus the question comes how to make others listen to you. Simply in layman language the key theory is speaking in a gathering place and making your voice loud enough so that you get heard.

Okay let me explain this –

There are many places where people gather. Free sources like YouTube, blog of other people, forums, etc. are the websites which makes connection with their own audience. Leaving a comment on those places is an easy way to make people see your comment and you can post your affiliate link there. It is very important to check if you are allowed to post a link in  the comment or not. If not try another one and keep trying like this.


Affiliate promotion via posting comments in other’s blog or forum

For YouTube videos always try to post which has got higher viewers with good ranking.

For forums popular forums like warrior forum may be a good idea.

There are two key types of forums – free and paid one.

Paid ones are more targeted however free ones are also very effective to bring great result if you actively carry on doing this. Another issue needs to be in mind that in case of promoting affiliate offers via link forum like Warrior Forum does not like many promoting the same product using same link so you need to tweak the call for action sentence of group of words.

It is worth mention that Warrior Forum does not allow anyone to post affiliate link. Here is a long list of forums related to internet marketing

You can join their, read the regulations, create signature and keep on posting comments and bringing your own affiliate forward via signature.

There are various ways to highlight yourself in the forums- you can answer to someone else’s query, start an interesting question where other people will find it interesting to keep sharing their comments and this how the ball will roll on and one.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the ways to promote affiliate products directly to the receivers. Though it does not take any website to do this but to collect the list someone has to have some sort of web site or landing page. Landing page in layman language is the page where anyone who interested to be part of your regular update will put their contact details and little other basic info. There are some services where any internet marketer does not need to have any hosting, webpage or anything similar. The landing page company does this job for the customers. One of the very popular landing page is lead pages (the link is not affiliate; it is just to send you to the right place).


Promotion in Facebook

Facebook is already very useful for numerous types of business. Information business thus internet marketing business is one of the top ranking ones in this list. There are many places you can comment like – different fan pages, different groups.

Though again you have to keep in mind about the rules and regulation of those group if you can promote any affiliate or not. If you cannot promote any affiliate it is fine you can create your own fan page and then invite people to come to that site and from there you can promote your affiliate. From facebook many internet marketers are also building up their lists to make more money.


Writing review in different website

You can write a review in different websites like,, etc, and have the affialiate link in that write up.



You can write small, medium or long eBooks on related topics and in different places of that book you can use your link so people can browse your products.

There are many ways you can promote your won book even without having any website of your own- you can contact anyone already promoting similar products or may be product creator of your affiliate. You can allow him/her to give-away your book as a free or sell it.

Also you can sell the book by yourself with a cheaper price from Ebay.


Squidoo Lens

Squidoo lens is fee to create and you can built your own lens and keep promoting affiliate link via them. Again Squidoo does not link anything in the explicit promoting format. Rather they always lens builder to share their own user experience. So you need to be tricky to promote via Squidoo.

To have better idea on how to promote you can browse other Squidoo lenses but be very careful about copying the idea.

Not permitted. Your site will be deleted for copying.


Article directories

Ezine writing has become a rage in the present century. We called them just articles sometime ago. But now they are called ezines. They are composed to attract the attention of the viewers regarding a specific matter. It is very easy to use ezines and if you do not own a website, these are the best way of advertising an affiliate service


You still can think of having own website with less hassle

In fact almost with ‘zero’ hassle you can have your own website and do not need to worry about buying anything like – domain and hosting.  These are free web site builder sites, which you can have as many as you want and can be used for any legitimate purpose. Only thing you should be careful about these sites are if you want to promote affiliate sites how ideal it is do that. Cause, some of these mentions in their terms and condition that they keep the right to change links of any affiliate. So please read the small prints before you link your affiliates.

Following are the links and lists of few of them (none of these are affiliate links):


All the methods we discussed above is free. However there are paid options like – via Google pay per click advertisement, email marketing, pay others to promote offers, and plenty. There are various issue you have to keep in mind like- you cannot choose where it will show, main product creator may have their own ad which may appear before your ad.

This is always good to have someone else’s own website and build authority from there. So people will keep listening, promoting other’s or own product will be very easy.

Journey of Marketing with ME

Internet Marketing

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Key aim of this site is to explore and enrich various internet marketing ideas. Besides, there will also be other posts of self motivation, interesting topics and general discussions on any related issues. Everything has to be educational – that is my main motto with this site.

While I started a year ago I spend a bit of time to find exact definition of internet marketing. I researched a lot for this. Interesting enough it helped me to understand wideness of internet marketing. So in my word – everything to promote on-line is internet marketing. Almost all the big and small corporations and businesses are in promoting them on-line.

Needless to say the benefit of being on-line, according to me, the most significant are – interactivity with the target audience and preciseness that can be achieved even while dealing a large number of audiences. These are unique only in on-line marketing.

There is another school of thoughts – those who are not corporation but business and in an effort to earn money on-line legitimately. There are plenty of ways to do that- affiliate marketing, blogging, promoting, website building and selling, website developing for others, and many other ways. I fall in this category.

So if your thought matches with mine you are in the right place.

I love to stay at home. I love to stay as much possible with my only SON and only wife. Thus I motivated enough to try something called ‘internet marketing’ in my sense with the things I want to focus on.

I do affiliate marketing, and other things like full time job, which I want to get rid of like many. Jim says –

Wages make you a living, which is fine, Profits make you a fortune, which is super fine”.

With obvious reasons I want super fine.

I very much want to be a full time dad. I want to spend much time with him in his education and play. As much as I can before he gets busy with something more interesting. To me is the most of my interest and key inspiration to work hard.

You will see Jim Rohn and Sara Young in many of posts.

Jim is my motivational mentor plus idol and Sarah is my internet marketing mentor.

I had to redo this second time as for some reason I lost everything I had …I was lazy enough not to take any back up.

This time I took a challenge myself to redesign the site with a complete new posts.

Jim said it does take long to change life but it does take only a night to change the direction. I set the direction of finding even some more new things that I had in the previous site. Thus with my input I need input from my friends, fellow travellers, explorers and everyone.

Sara always emphasise about simplicity of things. She made me believe that internet marketing and earning money on-line is possible. There are pieces for everyone and all the time.

There is no good time to start thus there is no bad time. It is the attitude of us which has to be up there. Rest is hard work.

Yes, I am little bit more experienced than a year before. Only ‘little’ and still a long way to go…

Please feel free to share your views. So far I got so many friends and colleagues only doing this, which is wonderful to be proud of…

Lets walk together, work together and stay connected.


MdEmran (ME)


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